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David's primary goal was to create a company that not only delivers superior lighting products but also allows clients access to a design center with leading lighting experts providing experience and knowledge to an often confusing industry.



In a few short years, Supreme has built a reputation of exceptional customer satisfaction as well as forging relationships with some of the leading developers and construction companies.



Our team is comprised of lighting and design experts boasting over a decade of lighting experience in the construction, hospitality, and healthcare industries.



Our company has designed and provided lighting solutions for both commercial and residential developments such as hospitals, institutions, and office buildings.



We work closely with architects, designers, contractors, developers, and electrical service providers to bring their ideas and creations to light.






Supreme Lighting is a Brooklyn, NY-based lighting supplier founded in 2010 by David Goldstein, 


And is successful at winning awards and excellent at giving the customer that personal touch that leaves clients happy with choosing us.










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